Welcome to Cross Road Church!_DSC1425

Our church is diverse and welcoming.  People from all around the world join us every week.  Through the pastor’s humor-filled message and a variety of worship songs, hearts are filled with joy and praise.  We welcome anyone, Christian or not. The sermon is in Japanese, but English translation is also provided.

What Is Cross Road Church Like?


We are a Protestant church and put the Bible in the center of our beliefs.

Our church is affiliated with the Japan Alliance Christ Church. The Alliance Church has a history of 110 years in Japan, and there are currently about 200 churches.


Cross Road Church Creed

Cross Road Church wishes for every member to hold a vision and be active in society. We continue to support the members and provide a strong network. Our joy is for the members of Cross Road and the church building to contribute to the society in many genres (education, volunteer work, music, etc.). Through these activities, we are spreading Jesus Christ’s message.

Cross Road Church Purpose

“Worship One, Love All”

Matthew 22:37-39

Cross Road Church Style


I Corinthians 2:2

For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified

I Corinthians 9:19-23

I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.


“The Bible is the unchanging word of God” ~ Cross Road Church is affiliated with the Japan Alliance Christ Church and is Evangelical.


Through music, education, welfare facility, media, international program


Our Church History

1997.1 Saidaiji Christ Church decides to plant a church in the Tsushima area of Okayama, Japan.

1997.4 Welcomed support missionaries from missions TEAM Sedlacek.

1997.5 Working with pastor Nishimura, started “Young Life”, a student ministry.

1997.8 Renting a house in Gakunan-cho, started a Bible study and English conversation lessons, and welcomed short-term missionary Ava Cox.

1997.12.23 As our Christmas Candle Service, we had our first formal meeting.

1998.1 Saidaiji Christ Church temporarily employed lead elder Yabuta.

1998.5.3 Started our Worship Celebration services and welcomed short-term missionary Paul Miller.

1998.9.6 Started our church school.

2000.11 Started the Tsudaka Family Center, (the second floor coffee shop on Okayama University Main Street) and moved our Worship Celebration there.

2001.4 Welcomed short-term missionaries Clive and Maya Cowell, and started our Kids Club.

2001.5 Welcomed short-term missionary Nate Cheeseman.

2001.12 Welcomed missions team missionary Joanna Wines.

2002.1 Welcomed short-term missionaries Phelps and Ann Pennington.

2002.2 Welcomed pastor Tetsuya Goto, from Saidaiji Christ Church.

2002.3 Welcomed short-term missionary Michael Bostwick.

2002.4 Started the Tsudaka Family Center and teaching guitar lessons, as well as our student assembly, called, “Student’s Action”.

2002.5Started our Music Cafe, and welcomed short-term missionary Derek Schaab.

2002.9 Elder Yabuta returned to the parent church.

2003.1.16 Held our first baptism.

2003.3 Started our website.

2004.9 Welcomed short-term missionary Jeremy Otten.

2008.4 Built chapel in Tsudaka and changed church name to Cross Road Church Okayama.

2014.2.9 Became independent from Saidaiji Christ Church.

As of present, average of 60 attendees, including children.