Recent Past Events


HIGHEST WORSHIP 4/22 (Sunday) From 17:00 A Sunday afternoon and evening of praise and worship music in a free and unstructured environment. With no set program, participants are free to sing along with the praise music, pray, read their Bibles, talk with others, or even sleep, or eat, or come and go as they like.  However, there is…

Church Basket Ball Club

Church Basket Ball Club Sunday, April 15th 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Let’s have a blast playing basket ball together. We have reserved an awesome indoor basket ball court for the afternoon. Any body is welcome, including but not limited to: beginners, students, adults, girls, and/or those who just wants to get some exercise done…

Easter Service

Let’s celebrate Jesus’ resurrection together!

Christmas Candle Light Service

CANDLE LIGHT SERVICE December 24, from 11:00 Celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ with hymns sung in candle light.

M-Cafe Christmas Special

M-Cafe Christmas Special Friday, December 22nd 19:30 to 21:30 For questions or participation please contact Pastor Goto at:までご連絡ください。 *About Music Cafe:click here Entrance to the venue is free with a one-drink order. (helps to cover the cost of putting on the show! 🙂 )